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Impact #3
Friday, October 4th
Today I was a lot less nervous than last week. It was homecoming so they were all in their St. Peter, Saints gear. We started the day the same way with going over the plans for the day and then going around and talking about our weekend plans. A lot of the kids are in sports so they talked about their sports games and practices.
Next we had “daily five” again. I got to work with two groups of kids today. The first group was two boys and they chose a “Magic Tree House” book to read. The book was about the Titanic and they were very fascinated by that story. One of the boys said to me, “Did you know that the Titanic is actually a true story?” I responded with, “Yes, it is pretty scary isn’t it?” Then the other boy said, “Legend has it the boat hit an iceberg and sank.” The other boy went on to say that his uncle (who is currently 25) was “actually on the Titanic when it sank.” It was a pretty cute conversation and I couldn’t help but giggle a little bit.
The next two students I worked with chose a “Jokes for Kids” book. All of them were super corny, but it was fun to read them to the kids and roll our eyes at the jokes. Some of the jokes none of us understood which I thought was pretty funny.
It was a very fun day. When I left one of the girls gave me a hug which I am not sure if that is allowed but she just came up to me and hugged me. It was super sweet of her. I still didn’t speak any Spanish today, but maybe one week I will get to partner read with a student who speaks Spanish and needs help with all of the words.

Gave 1.00 hour on 10/04/2019 with Fall19-SPA-200-001

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Language Buddies

Elizabeth Tribbett
Pre Service Impact #1
I am really looking forward to this experience in helping out the Spanish speaking community in St. Peter. I have had the opportunity to use my Spanish outside the classroom, but I always get too nervous to speak up. I am excited to be pushed and to be able to put my little bit of Spanish knowledge to use. I expect to learn a lot about what it is like to not have your first language be english and some of the challenges that come with that.
Some of the things I can offer to the Hispanic/immigrant community are patience, acceptance and obviously my ability to speak a little bit of Spanish and fluent English. I hope to be put with younger children because that is what I am used to as I have four younger brothers and am used to the chaos. I can also offer my time. I have the time to give each week and I hope that will be helpful on its own.
Some of the benefits I can receive through this opportunity are a deeper understanding of the spanish speaking community in St. Peter and their culture. I will also improve my own spanish speaking skills by practicing with fluent speakers more regularly. I will also gain intercultural competence. To me intercultural competence is the understanding and acceptance of other cultures. It means not living in a way where your culture is the best/most important.
I come from a very small town that is not very diverse, but working in retail I do experience people whose first language is not English. I have never been able to work up the courage to help them in Spanish, but this opportunity will force me to. Now when I go home I will know I am able to speak up.

Gave 1.00 hour on 09/17/2019 with Fall19-SPA-200-001