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Spring19-SPA-200-001 Crossing Borders

Nyombia Smith
Professor Taylor
My expectations towards the service-learning component includes beginning to use Spanish techniques outside of the classroom. I’m expecting a hard but rewarding time that’s spent challenging my Spanish abilities while helping other with their English. I am very excited to make sure that as a minority, they feel comfortable with my abilities to help them. I am expecting to learn a lot more from immersing myself by spending time with these ELL students than I would have through a textbook.
Growing up in a Hispanic family, I believe that I can be the bridge that seperates fully understanding what it feels like to be part of a hispanic/ Immigrant community. I offer my Spanish abilities to communicate and go beyond to ensure that their educational goals and needs are closer to being met. I have done many forms of mentoring and I love the feeling of watching a child grow through education. I think it is important to promote education in all areas especially to minority communities. Allowing equal access to resources and opportunities, ensures for a better future for community involvement on multiple platforms.
Furthermore, there will be many benefits to being a part of this course. I will become more culturally aware by seeing biases and privilege through personal interaction. I will also influence the student to continue to expand in their practice of being multilingual because of the opportunities it brings. I also hope to make a friend and be more ready in terms of speaking up and taking a stance for the students I meet through the program.
Intercultural competence is your cognitive ability to naturally communicate with people of other cultures through your social skills and/ or empathetic capacities. Growing up in a hispanic family I was immersed into multiple cultures. There were noticeable differences between my home life and other peers of mine. I have a larger ability to understand the cultural component which gives me a greater ability to empathize through experience. I know what it feels like to be hispanic and black in a typically judgmental society.

Gave 1.00 hour on 02/18/2019 with Gustavus Adolphus College, Language Buddies