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Gave 1.50 hours on 09/25/2019 with Gustavus Adolphus College
Fall18-SPA-102-003 Exploring the Spanish World II

Today was my last day in this classroom, we learned how to measure different things and how the metric system works. We did a lot of listening to their teacher and watching different Brain Pop videos of how to measure. From watching the board and the videos, he understood what was going on. I worked with my student on how to measure using a ruler. We measured our feet, hands, hair, and whatever else was around us. He really enjoyed this and understood the difference between centimeters and inches. I learned a lot from working with this student, and I really enjoyed it at the same time. I think opportunities like these are really important for both the college student and elementary student.

Gave 1.00 hour on 12/05/2018
Fall18-SPA-102-003 Exploring the Spanish World II

Today's lesson was a challenging lesson, partly because of the content but also because there was a sub. We learned how to find the perimeter of a shape. He struggled to understand fully this concept, and I also struggled to find the words to teach it. He is slower at subtraction and addition, and tallies every time he adds or subtracts, so it takes longer. He gets tired because we have to spend so much time on one problem, so for the rest of the time we worked on the shapes packet. He really understands the shapes, and the vocabulary that goes along with them. His personality is coming out more too, he is goofy and loves to laugh. One similarity between our experiences is that I struggled with math too, so I understand that when he needs me to repeat things or if he forgets something we just talked about.

Gave 1.00 hour on 11/28/2018
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Fall18-SPA-102-003 Exploring the Spanish World II

Today we learned what the difference between a line and a line segment is, we also learned what parallel and perpendicular mean. As the weeks go by, we are able to have better and longer conversations with each other. He asks me questions, and I answer them the best I can. He also is understanding english more, so we can communicate that way as well. Once he learned the vocab of the day, we played a little competition with his other spanish speaking friends. I would point to a set of lines and they would say if it was parallel or perpendicular. He really enjoyed this game, and was smiling the whole time! I realized that working together in a group works better for him, I think he feels like isolated. He is getting more support than I needed as a student, but we grew up in different circumstances. I think he is adjusting well because I can see improvement from week to week!

Gave 1.00 hour on 11/14/2018
Big Partner/Little   Partner
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Fall18-SPA-102-003 Exploring the Spanish World II

Now we are learning shapes in math! I arrive at their classroom right in time for math to begin! So Adony and I sit at the back table and I walk him through the worksheet as the teacher is explaining it. I encouraged him to repeat the shapes to me in english, and I think he learned a lot by doing this. I hear him speaking english phrases, and interacting with other students. There are 4 other students who speak english and spanish, so he is able to communicate with them really well. This is different from my experiences because I never had classmates who could speak other languages. I think it is awesome, and I'm really happy he has them to he can adjust easier. I also notice other classmates saying "Hola" to him, it is really kind of those students to make him feel welcomed.

Gave 1.00 hour on 11/07/2018
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