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Shift NameForeigner
Volunteer Shift Leads ensure attendees receive orientation, complete their tasks, stay safe, and have fun!

Botanical Garden Summer Concert Series Leadership Tasks Include:

Arrive 15 minutes early to check in with Katie Matthews (208.867.3097) and prepare the volunteer items in the Supply Storage (circle on the IBG layout map)
Bring the number of Volunteer Badges needed for the concert as well as the Volunteer Signup List and the Volunteer Check-in out to the volunteer Check – In area.
Wait for your volunteers at the Will Call tent. The IBG Volunteer Check-in booth will not have our volunteer information, so introduce yourself as recycling team volunteer coordinator that is working with the Housekeeping staff, and tell them to send people your way if they come to that booth without finding you first.
Gather your volunteers, give them the badges, and take them back to the Supply Storage where they can drop off their items, get water, gloves, extra plastic bags if needed, and white volunteer shirts.
Go over the Concert Recycling Guidelines with your volunteers
Take the volunteers out to the concert area to do a walk through and initial sweep of recycling mitigation. As you make a loop, have each of the recycling volunteers go through different recycling and trash bins to practice removing contaminants from the recycling and to rescue recyclables from the trash.
If you have 4 or fewer volunteers, take turns going on this loop in pairs to make sure the recycling is clean ever 15 – 20 minutes
If you have more than 4 volunteers, divide the volunteers into the following sections:
Member Entry / Food Truck Ally, Path through the middle of the field
Main Entry / Merch Bar, Restrooms
VIP Tables / Bar / smoking area
If there are enough volunteers, the Leadership role is to make rounds to ensure that the volunteers feel supported, offer to pull their full recycle bin bags, provide more supplies if need be, and check in with the housekeeping crew to make sure that they are good.

End of the Concert Tasks
At the end of the night, arm each volunteer with a plastic bag and divide the team in half to position volunteers on each side of the stage.
When the concert ends begin the final sweep through the field to rescue any remaining recycling from the crowd.
After you are finished going through all of the grass, the Leader will grab the large grey bin on wheels while the remaining team begins to do one last sort of the recycle bins and pulls all of the bags from each bin. When the recyclables are clean and the bags pulled, set the full bags to the side, and flip the yellow recycle bin upside down and place the lid on top of it. Do this with all of the recycle bins.
Then, the Leader will push the cart around to pick up all the bags (with help of the team) and take these bags back to the dumpster area.
The recyclables must be emptied out of each bag into the green recycling dumpster, and then throw the dirtied plastic bags into the large black trash dumpster.
Return the cart to where you found it, check in with Katie, make sure the grounds look clear, retrieve the shirts and badges and return those to the Supply Storage, high fives all around, and then everyone is good to go home!

Thank you for your leadership efforts!
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Date & TimeThu, Sep 12, 2019 6:30 - 11:00pm
2355 N Old Penitentiary Rd
Boise, ID 83725

Location: 2355 N Old Penitentiary Rd, Boise, ID 83725


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