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Addison Rodel

English: Today, Anders and I again made a trip to St. Peter High School to spend some time with the high school Spanish 1 and 2 classes. I've been really enjoying working with the students. They are very talkative and are honestly better at Spanish than I am! I talked to Mr. Englehorn about what the language part of school consists for the students, and he said that Spanish is implemented in middle school as well. Some of the students have already taken a full two years of actual Spanish, which is completely surprising to me. On Wednesday, we helped the students with directions to a Día de Los Muertos project which was a dancing skeleton puppet. They were super cute!

Spanish: Hoy, Anders y yo ir la escuela por otro día de amigos de lengua. Yo quiero la clase de español, los estudiantes son muy simpáticos. Hay siempre estudiantes que no son los más simpáticos pero yo siempre intento ayudar. En miércoles, nos ayudamos los estudiantes hacer títere (en inglés, "puppet", correcto?). El títere fue Día de Los Muertos. El fue divertido colorear y mirando los estudiantes interpretar las direcciones.

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Samantha Kline
Michaela Woodward

While I enjoyed being able to communicate more deeply with the kids as they were really starting to pick up on a lot of Spanish, this week was a lot more difficult due to the behavior of a few kids in particular. It was hard when they started goofing off and then more kids followed along, until they had all but lost focus completely. I tried the techniques the teachers told us about, like asking them for their best Star Pride or praising the kids who had good behavior, but that only worked the first or second time. I wasn't sure if it was because they were bored with what we were learning or if they were just having an off day, but I realized that you really just can't demand focus of kids this age if they're not willing to give it. I think next time it may be beneficial to ask them to raise their hands to answer questions, as the same few kids, the ones who are engaged and quick to learn, usually call it out first. This makes the kids who aren't as quick check out and be less involved in the lesson.

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Anna McGeeney

This week was for sure one of the best especially in regards to student behavior and participation. This week I had a 10 sided die which made my game much faster and more engaging for the kids. All of the kids in my group were counting along and most of them remebered all of the numbers. I know I need to work on getting the kids back on track whenever they get distracted. A lot of the time I just let them go on mini tangents because I know that it will keep them engaged. I think one of the most important aspects of our lessons is the confidence that it gives the kindergarteners in regards to interacting with those people who speak a different language than them. I would hope they wouldn't be intimidated when hearing another language, and instead they would embrace another culture as they embrace the videos in class. A very important skill I am learning is the ability to work in a team with others. Andrea, Michaela, and I are all working together to make these lessons effecient and engaging.

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Abigail Laryea