This class has been closed and is no longer open.


Spring 2017- SPA-250-001

NEGOTIATING DIFFERENCE IN THE HISPANIC WORLD. In this course you will read a novel written by a Hispanic author. You will learn about Hispanic culture while studying advanced grammar and writing. The novel will offer you the possibility to explore how cultural and ideological differences are negotiated in the Hispanic world. With the novels as the starting point, students will also learn many idioms and expressions that will be needed to be fluent in Spanish. You will also write a series of creative and original compositions. In class we will employ diverse learning techniques-grammar review, paired work, small-group work, all-class discussions, peer editing, process writing, oral presentations and round-table discussions-to provide you with the appropriate opportunities to enhance your language skills as you learn cultural and linguistic content through the active use of the Spanish language. Intended for Spanish majors, minors, and those wishing to improve their writing skills in Spanish.
Spring 2017
2 People | 74 Impacts | 79 Hours