John Ireland Catholic School



We believe that John Ireland School is a Christ-centered community of faith and learning. By following the example of Jesus, we strive to live out our gospel values.

We believe our Catholic faith is a special gift that must be nurtured and developed. We accomplish this through active participation in the Church, with Mass and the Eucharist as our main focus. Through our curriculum, daily prayer, and interaction with others, we grow in our knowledge and love of God, and come to a better awareness of the special role each of us has to serve God by serving others.

We believe that every child is gifted, and strive to help each child reach their highest potential. We are thus committed to academic excellence. We believe all children should feel successful. We help maintain this feeling of success through open communication with students, parents, teachers, and the local community.

Peace, justice, respect, and love are interwoven throughout our school curriculum. The living out of these gospel values have helped make the students and staff of John Ireland School committed followers of their greatest model – Jesus.

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