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Court Appointed Special Advocates-CASA

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Age Limit21 and up
The Office of Guardian ad Litem and CASA is looking for more volunteers. CASA is the only volunteer organization that empowers everyday citizens as officers of the court. Being a CASA volunteer does not require any special education or background. We are simply looking for people who care about children and have common sense. As a volunteer, you will be thoroughly trained and well supported by professional staff to help you through each case. A Guardian ad Litem is an attorney that represents the best interest of children who are involved Juvenile Court because they were abused, neglected or are dependent through no fault of their own.  The Court Appointed Advocates (CASA) are community members who volunteer their time to be a second set of eyes and ears for these children--to make sure their needs are being met while in foster care. The attorneys' have high case loads in our county. On difficult cases, they sometimes need extra help. They ask support staff for a CASA to help them with their case. Our volunteers average about 5-8 hours a month working on their case. We really value our advocates and the difference they make in the life of a child! 

Casa is a national volunteer organization that empowers everyday citizens to be the voice for abused, neglected or dependent children that are involved in the system through no fault of their own.  You don't have to be an attorney or a case worker, just have common sense and care about children. We provide all the training.

The Utah State Courts and Guardian ad Litem Office will provide all the training you will need.  Once you have completed the training and have been sworn in by a Juvenile Court Judge, we ask that our volunteers spend about 5-10 hours per month. This takes place while visiting the child in their home, their school, going to their court hearing (not required, but it is helpful), taking the child out for ice cream or something, talking to people involved in the case, and communicating with the Guardian ad Litem (the child's attorney). We also ask Advocates to periodically check with the child's school and teachers as to absence and grades and to report those findings to the GAL and the Judge. The hours can be very flexible. Whatever works for your schedule and the child's.  We ask you to be a second set of eyes and ears, making sure the child's needs are being met.Every abused or neglect child needs a caring, consistent adult to advocate for their needs.        

Advocates must be able to pass a background check and be at least 21 years of age.  We provide a free background check to all applicants.  Because of the need for stability and continuity for the children we work with, the program requires approximately one year commitment from the time of case assignment. 

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Location: Office of Guardian Ad Litem & CASA, 206 Tabernacle Street, St. George, UT 84770